Carpet Drying – Water Damages

To reduce long-term damage from flooding, it is critical to have access to prompt, professional cleaners.

A leak in the roof, blocked gutters or downpipes, leaking plumbing or a minor flood under the doors can result in unwanted water damage. Act quickly - Get your free no obligation quote today.

Man with bucket holding up to leak in house thinking about calling Cairns Cleaning Contractors to clean the water damage

Carpet Drying – Water Damages

Living in the tropics can have many advantages but sometimes the heavy monsoonal rains can get in where they are not wanted!

When this occurs it is important to remove the excess water and dry the areas as quickly as possible. Carpets will take a very long time to dry on their own. Mould quickly appears and once this happens the carpets must be removed for health reasons. Carpets need to be attended to within 48 hours of the water inundation to avoid mould growth. Often the water can also be dirty and stained. Carpets need to be cleaned and dried as soon as possible.

Carpet drying and cleaning is a service we provide. We also assist with water damage restoration of other areas of your premises, furniture and furnishings.

Cairns Cleaning Contractors also assists with the drying of walls, hard floors and other surroundings. Our process is the following:

  • We extract and dispose of the excess water
  • Do an initial clean of the area of carpet affected
  • Install blowers, fans and dehumidifiers to dry the carpets and surrounding area
  • Remove drying equipment once area is completely dry
  • Once dry we re-clean the carpet to remove stains and odours
  • Before completion of service, we apply an enzyme-based anti-bacterial solution

We provide a comprehensive range of services to suit your needs.

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Carpet Drying & Water Damage

Fix water damage before it’s too late

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Handover your job in pristine condition

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