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Tile Cleaning Cairns

Many houses in FNQ are predominantly tiled. While tiles are generally quite easy to clean and maintain, the grout is not. Grout is a porous substance in which dirt, grime and mould become trapped and are hard to remove. With the correct process, grout can be successfully cleaned. Additionally, once cleaned (or new), grout can be sealed to keep out moisture and grime, making them much easier to maintain in the future.

Interior and Exterior Tile Cleaning

We have several processes in order to clean tiles and grout, dependent on their type and condition. Usually, the cleaning will involve a combination of several processes.

These processes include:

  • Acid or Alkaline washing
  • Machine and hand scrubbing
  • Steam blasting and suction
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Sealing grout lines
Once the grout has been sealed it keeps moisture and grime out of the sub-surface structure, making cleaning much easier and successful.

Clear seal is used to maintain the natural colour of the grout and is suitable for new grouts and for well cleaned and maintained grouts in which the natural colour of the grout is acceptable. Sealing requires the grout to be clean and dry. It is applied carefully by hand with customised tools.

We provide a comprehensive range of services to suit your needs.

Office & Commercial Clean

Regular, Periodic & Maintenance Clean

Carpet Drying & Water Damage

Fix water damage before it’s too late

Water Based Concrete Sealer

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly sealer

Glass Cleaning

Internal and external glass cleaning

Builders Clean

Handover your job in pristine condition

Commercial End of Lease

Take the pressure off at handover

Tile Cleaning

Get the shine back in your tiles

Vinyl Strip and Seal

Bring back that sheen to your vinyl flooring

Medical & Dental Clean

Quality controlled hygiene cleans

Carpet Clean

Steam Cleaning, Shampoo Cleaning and Pest Control

Pressure Cleaning

We can pressure wash or exterior clean just about anything

Facility Management

Facility services all in the one place


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