Water-Based Concrete Sealing

Same day cleaning and sealing means you get immediate protection with our concrete and natural stone sealer.

Professional water-based concrete sealing which is environmentally friendly. Get your free no obligation quote today.

Water-Based Concrete Sealing

Cairns Cleaning Contractors also provides concrete and natural stone sealing with a water-based sealer. Your existing concrete and natural stone can be cleaned first with our pressure cleaning systems and sealed on the same day. New concrete is able to be sealed on the same day that the slab is poured. There are many benefits to sealing concrete as it cures with our “Same day lay and spray” system.


Newly laid stone, concrete or aggregate will not require pressure cleaning. (Although a thorough soft hosing down may be required to remove excess dust). All existing concrete/stone surfaces will require thorough cleaning prior to sealing.

About the Sealer

The sealant applied is a water-based sealer. It has the ability to be sprayed on the same day the concrete is poured. Once the concrete is cure enough to walk on, the sealer can be applied. The sealer assists greatly in slowing down the moisture loss and subsequently reducing surface cracking. The sealer also increases the strength of the surface concrete by 200%. Water-based sealers are UV resistant and allow the concrete to breath but are not penetrated by oils, making the concrete oil stain resistant and easily cleaned.

Sealer can be applied with one coat (896) to give a natural look or with two coats (770 and then 896) to give a colour enhanced and gloss look.

Are you a tradesperson?

Contact Cairns Cleaning Contractors about purchasing our water-based concrete sealer directly. We also supply direct to the general public.

What are the benefits of our water-based sealer?

  • Free from hazardous Chemicals- Environmentally friendly
  • High performance
  • WBS same day concrete sealing methods, increase concrete strength and provides immediate protection from other trades
  • Stronger concrete and fewer end of job defects for the concreting tradesmen
  • Same day cleaning and sealing provides immediate protection, no more waiting for areas to dry. Eliminate returning to the same job a second time
  • Eliminates concrete dust
  • Eliminates glacial effect- surface degradation
  • Longer lasting concrete surface
  • Non-slip
  • Oil stain resistant
  • UV resistant
  • No VOC’s Volatile Organic Compounds released- No smell
  • No risk of fire or explosion
  • Spills are easily cleaned up with water
  • No need for toxic solvents such as XYLENE

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Water Based Concrete Sealer

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly sealer

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Handover your job in pristine condition

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Take the pressure off at handover

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